A small group of Cadillac Lyric buyers get a discount for tracking data

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General Motors is giving a discount to a small group of buyers of the all-electric Cadillac Lyriq SUV, but it has a catch. These customers must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and agree to let GM track how they use the electric vehicle.

GM has not officially announced the program, but according to sources familiar with it and who have spoken with the Detroit Free Press, the price of the Lyriq will be reduced by USD 5,500 if the customer agrees to participate. The agreement applies to both purchases and rentals.

The NDA means the customer would only be allowed to share their experiences of owning and driving the Lyriq with GM.

When reached for comment, a Cadillac spokesperson confirmed the program, saying it would be offered to a “small group of young people [Lyriq] customers” to “improve the experience of all our customers”.

“As we transform our business, the launch of our first all-electric vehicle, Lyriq, provides Cadillac with unique learning opportunities. Therefore, we have engaged a small group of early customers who are willing to share their vehicle information and customer behaviors. Cadillac will use these learnings to improve the experience for all of our customers,” said Cadillac spokesman Michael Albano. (via Detroit Free Press)

According to Albano, the company is taking this approach because the launch of the Lyriq is a pivotal moment for the Cadillac brand and is “doing everything possible to get [it] right.” He also added that about 20 clients, mostly located in New York, Detroit and Los Angeles, were chosen for the program. He did not reveal how they were selected.

The Lyriq was first announced in 2020 and was supposed to be unveiled at the Montreal Auto Show, but the show was canceled due to COVID-19.

A limited number of reservations opened in September 2021 for the first edition, with all selling out within 15 minutes.

Order books reopened in May 2022 with the introduction of the RWD variant, but this time the price of the EV has dropped from US$59,990 for the Debut Edition to US$62,990 for the base RWD in the States. United States and $69,898 in Canada.

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