A small group of ‘PNP supporters’ protest and demand that Bunting resign

A small group of People’s National Party (PNP) supporters staged a protest on Monday calling for the resignation of Senate Opposition Business Leader Peter Bunting.

Protesters, led by political activist Karen Cross, gathered outside the PNP headquarters at Old Hope Road in St Andrew’s as they called on party chairman Mark Golding to ask Bunting to hand in his resignation.

“We are here to record the fact that we believe Peter Bunting should resign from the Senate, he should be asked to resign by the Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding,” Cross said.

The political body, in a statement, however, said it supported Bunting despite a damning Integrity Commission report that flagged the granting of gun licenses to two people of questionable character during his tenure as Minister of National Security.

A Draft Special Report of the Integrity Commission’s Inquiry into Allegations of Irregularity, Irregularity and Corruption in the Licensing of Firearms to Persons of Questionable Character was tabled in Parliament on Wednesday, March 9.

Bunting, who served as national security minister from 2012 to 2016, was named in the report as having approved appeal licenses that were initially denied by the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) board.

On Friday, in response to the Integrity Commission report, Bunting said he acted within the scope of his duties and followed the recommendations of the relevant review boards to reach a decision on the two cases.

Referring to a Bunting press release issued the previous day, the PNP said the details of the two cases “reinforce that the decisions were made in the proper exercise of his ministerial authority, given the facts before him and recommendations of the review committee”. .

The PNP said that based on investigations by the Integrity Commission and additional details provided by Bunting, “there is no question that the two decisions are tainted in any way by corruption or motive( s) inappropriate”.

The PNP said in a brief statement responding to calls for Bunting to resign: “Nothing has come to light that suggests the decisions were wrong or improper and we are guided by due process.”

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