Advantages and disadvantages of a small house

Everyone wants their dream home, and with rising inflation it has become hard to afford for an average income earner to buy a new property. Also, after living in the rental apartments, people dream of building a mansion where they could have enough space for a library, guest room, shops and laundries which are not usually available in the small houses. But, on the other hand, tiny houses have their advantages and disadvantages, and nowadays there are furniture designed for limited spaces that can compact and expand depending on the availability of space. Therefore, this article lists the pros and cons of tiny homes that you might find amazing and should think about before renting a living space or buying a new home.

Advantages of a small house

Believe it or not, Tiny Houses have many advantages like they are comfortable and you can fit in a corner to sit and play Vulkan Bet or watch a movie. Apart from this, other benefits are discussed below:

  1. It’s more affordable

The main advantage of a small house is its purchase price. With less construction, the purchase price is more affordable and accessible to more people.

In addition, the expenses related to the purchase (in case you apply for a mortgage) and the associated taxes will be lower, so the necessary savings effort will not be excessive. Remember that most banks only finance 80% of the appraised value, so you have to pay the rest.

  1. It’s cheaper to maintain

Anyone who owns a home will agree with this point. Maintaining a house is quite expensive, as well as paying the corresponding annual taxes (like the beloved IBI).

The larger the house, the higher the electricity consumption, the higher the cost of heating, the higher the cost of renovation. So, for example, the price increases to double and triple the amount when it comes to painting the walls that have to be redone every few years, replacing old doors or renovating the floor.

Special mention about cleaning; it is a hassle. An added benefit of houses with little space is that there is also less room for dirt to accumulate, so cleaning is faster and less expensive. This does not mean that you can order the house seen and unseen.

  1. You need less furniture

We all like our house to be “cute”. The problem is that the “mignon” is expensive, even very expensive. Therefore, it will be much easier and cheaper to furnish and decorate a small house. The rule is simple: the fewer the square meters, the smaller the furniture.

If you also opt for a minimalist or Nordic decoration, you will achieve the appearance of space and avoid feeling overwhelmed by being surrounded by many things. We recommend that you let the space breathe and not overload the rooms.

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