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At Alliance Advisory Group, zooming in with clients in all 48 states to help them plan their financial future is standard. But once in a while it helps to break some concrete blocks or take a trip into the subconscious.

“We have a passion and believe in professional and personal development,” said Alliance Advisory Group Regional Director Matt Vahue. We want to promote the integration of personal and professional life.

Vahue isn’t kidding, which is just one of the reasons Alliance Advisory Group ranked first among small businesses in the Rochester Top Workplaces for 2021.

Last year on Labor Day, financial adviser Rocky Martini pulled his boat out of Seneca Lake and decided he needed more summer. So he went to Los Angeles for a two-week vacation.

Then he decided to stay a while.

And then a little longer.

He’s still here, working virtually and jogging on the sand at Hermosa Beach.

“I was quite nervous when I went to see Matt, I wasn’t sure about the reception,” Martini said. They hatched a plan, helped in part by the pandemic forcing so many businesses to shift to virtual meetings.

“As long as we can achieve our business goals, we empower people to achieve their dreams,” Vahue said.

Financial adviser Mike Fanto, a 22-year-old employee, said he appreciates the company creating an environment that not only values ​​customers but also employees.

“There’s a strong sense of community in our office,” Fanto said. “It’s collaborative and supportive both personally and professionally.”

Alliance has been providing financial planning, wealth management and insurance services since 1979. Alliance believes that improving the financial health of its clients also contributes to the prosperity of communities.

Based in Buffalo, the company now has 84 employees, 36 of whom work in the Rochester metro area.

The desire to have an office in a lively neighborhood led the company to settle in the majestic mansion at 600 Park Avenue. The building also has a back patio where employees can grill white hots or bags of lob beans in a cornhole board in warm weather.

It’s clearly not the type of workplace that gives you a feeling of dread when you arrive at work in the morning.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Employees say the atmosphere is much more collegial and supportive than other companies in the industry.

“We have a lot of fun, but we also have a positive impact on people’s lives,” said Genevieve Paeglow, Director of Talent Acquisition. Paeglow finds the self-enrichment activities on offer, such as creating vision boards and even learning how to snap a piece of wood in half, helps him stay energized and focused at work.

She prefers to work in the office every day, but others take advantage of the flexible schedule to accommodate their own preferences, such as working earlier in the day or taking Fridays off or even working from Florida for the winter. .

Meshing professional and personal goals sacrifices neither and creates more motivated employees, Vahue said.

Martini surely agrees when, at the end of the working day, he watches the sun slip into the Pacific.

About the Alliance Advisory Group

Based: 1979

Headquarter; Buffalo

Rochester Area Employees: 36

Self-description of the company: Our goal at Alliance Advisory Group is to provide superior strategies for all wealth creation and management initiatives that are important to our clients. We work with people from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience to provide inspirational insights and objective advice that guarantees success across all phases of the wealth creation spectrum – accumulation, preservation and distribution. Focusing on forming genuine connections underpinned by transparency, empowerment and the idea that a proper plan is the best protection for your financial future, our team acts as an experienced fiduciary with a vested interest in your success. .


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