Banty CEO Scott Wilson Explains How Small Group Video Calls Can Make a Big Business Impact


TORONTO, August 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In business, it’s not uncommon to want as many people as possible to participate in a team meeting. Usually the thought here is that more minds in the room will equate to more ideas and perspectives, which eventually leads to a better end result. However, sometimes having too many cooks in the kitchen can be detrimental to the end of a project.

Recently the the Wall Street newspaper reported 73% of meetings between two and four people, suggesting that many companies are seeing quality results from meetings of smaller groups.

Scott Wilson, co-founder and CEO of the videoconferencing service Banty Inc., participated in video calls of all shapes and sizes. He thinks that having small group meetings every now and then can be beneficial because:

  • These meetings are easier to navigate: When a small group of professionals get together, getting everyone involved is much easier. Instead of having 10-20 people to worry about connecting with, the virtual meeting host will be able to have more focused and constructive conversations with a handful of their expert cohorts.
  • Nobody speaks to each other: With large video calling groups, people often feel the need to talk to others if they don’t have the opportunity to contribute. Having fewer people on video conferencing leads to a more natural social situation where everyone knows they will have the opportunity to talk
  • Meetings are faster: In theory, the fewer people you have on a call should result in a virtual meeting. not hang around beyond its intended schedule. As noted, bigger video calls mean more people are hoping to get a word on the edge. With a condensed attendance list, more ground can be covered in less time. If a small group meeting is going on for a long time, it’s probably because the conversation has gained incredible momentum.
  • Unnecessary participants can stay productive: All too often, we feel inclined to include an entire department in a video call when only those responsible for that department are needed. By organizing a small group meeting with only these people, staff who would have been unnecessarily on the call can instead focus their efforts on ongoing projects
  • The workflow becomes better defined: When a small team of individuals participate in a video call, they can have cutting edge conversations about the workflow required to complete a project. Once the parties agree on an appropriate approach, they can uniformly communicate the process to those who will complete the work.

“It’s amazing how focused and productive small group video calls can be when done correctly,” Scott adds. “These more intimate interactions are not only easy to organize, but they also go a long way in helping your business succeed in the long run.”’s video calling service offers all subscribers a personalized and permanent URL (that is,; end-to-end encrypted and secure meeting space; excellent video quality; unlimited meetings each month; and simple planning tools.

Banty offers a number of solutions designed to make it easier to meet those who matter most to you. (Watch the ‘Banty Is Easy’ video here:

Today everyone has a cell phone number and an email address. In the near future, everyone will have a Banty video chat address:

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Founded in 2020, Banty offers exceptional video conferencing solutions for Companies, Business, Medical practices, Virtual events, and Personal use. Banty videoconferencing is easy to use and ultra-secure. The platform offers users a URL, accessible via any desktop browser or via ios and Android mobile app.

In order to receive government approval to become a verified medical platform, Banty has been upgraded to meet new cybersecurity standards, making it one of the most secure platforms available. Every day, the Banty team goes above and beyond to ensure the platform remains one of the most secure and innovative virtual meeting solutions in the world.

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