Bay District Schools Implement New Small Group Board

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Schools in the Bay District are launching a new all-school counseling program this week.

Students will now be able to sign up for small group counseling sessions, with other students facing similar issues. Some groups will include grief, anger management, and anxiety counseling.

“When you bring those experiences and learn from each other, with a type of mental health professional guiding and facilitating this group, it allows them to develop coping skills and not feel so isolated and alone, ”advice from Surfside Middle School said Councilor Kristy Robb.

Interested parents register their child for weekly 45-minute sessions, you can call your child’s school or register through the Bay District Schools website.

“Divorce, bereavement or loss can often affect their cognitive abilities,” Robb said. “It can affect their ability to have lasting relationships. It can also impact their academics.

Robb expects students who attend small group counseling to have better grades, thanks to peer counseling.

“They can form some of these connections, be able to have conversations in a safe environment to try to mitigate some of these risk factors that they have already encountered during the trauma.”

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