Big City Lure, Small Town Charm: Adrian’s Cigar Lounge offers an experience like no other


TThe vintage green sign advertising candy, popcorn and cigars sits above the striped canopy of the row of brick buildings that make up downtown Adrian, Michigan. Because it is nestled in the middle of the pack of establishments, one may be tempted to overlook its significance. But, between the walls of Chaloner lies a deep and vibrant story that flows like notes from the loudspeakers.

The first floor display case, Chaloner & Co., houses a handcrafted cigar humidor housing an extensive collection of cigars as well as nostalgic candies and locally renowned popcorn. Chaloner’s Cigar House, located on the second and third floors of the building, features an upscale cigar lounge, complete with a full bar and a selection of fine handpicked cigars. This only enhances the experience of a visit to Chaloner & Co.

“In my travels across Michigan, the Midwest and beyond, I have never been to a facility like Chaloner,” says Mary Howell, COO and Senior Associate Broker for Legacy, LLC. “There is nothing like it nowhere.”

The lounges on the second and third floors offer many opportunities for relaxation, refreshment and reflection. A state-of-the-art ventilation system circulates air frequently to ensure a pleasant environment, while the plush leather seats allow customers to have a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Although Mary is regularly in the greater Detroit area on business, she comes to Chaloner for various reasons. “Not only is it beautiful and chic, but it’s also a place where I brought business associates and employees as well as friends and dates. We also organized private family events there, ”recalls Mary.

Originally opened in 1874, this historic establishment proudly promotes itself as Michigan’s oldest operating cigar store. Through thoughtful renovations, Chaloner & Co. and Chaloner’s Cigar House now offer a unique and innovative experience to the community and cigar aficionados around the world. Customers from Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio flock here daily to enjoy live music, special events hosted by popular cigar makers or distillers, and quiet evenings. “People are so surprised when I bring them here because it’s so different and unexpected,” shares Mary. “They always want to come back.

The atrium is one of the most unique features of Chaloner’s Cigar House. Located on the third floor, this one-of-a-kind space contains a glass ceiling and waterfall that create a calming atmosphere for non-smokers. Adjoining the atrium is the Chaloner’s Cigar Society Members Lounge where members and guests can enjoy a game of pool while lighting their favorite cigars, sip a premium cocktail or bourbon and sample a delicious aperitif.

Time changes most things, but with Chaloner, the past collides with the present. For those looking for a unique date night, a great afternoon drive in a quiet community, or a fun night out with friends, make Chaloner your next destination. “I promise you won’t be disappointed,” shares Mary. “It really is a unique and special place.”

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