BT announces business unit dedicated to supporting small businesses


Convinced of the high growth potential of the UK home office (SoHo) sector – encompassing home businesses and startups to more established businesses with one location – BT has created a new unit to focus on the needs digital and connectivity of such operations.

Citing data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics on business population and its own research, BT says its new unit – which will officially launch on July 1, 2021 – will serve around 5.7 million businesses across the country. UK private sector which are micro-enterprises with up to nine employees, either small by design or just starting up.

BT’s latest research also found that three-quarters of UK small businesses are confident in their business success as foreclosure restrictions are lifted. And with around 800,000 new UK businesses created during the pandemic – a 40% year-over-year increase – the increase in digital traders and freelancers means more and more are running their businesses from home.

By providing business-grade connections that it believes deliver value for money and a premium customer service experience, BT will launch a new suite of services and applications to help these emerging small businesses grow in building stronger digital foundations. These new services include enhanced cybersecurity measures, free digital skills training and new digital advertising tools.

The package also includes what BT calls the UK’s first ‘shatterproof’ Wi-Fi for micro-businesses, which offers guaranteed workplace coverage, full-fiber speeds of up to 900Mbps and support. free technique, all intended to help businesses rebuild and prepare for growth.

Following the introduction of its Halo converged broadband business bundles in 2020, BT has revamped its offering to offer full fiber broadband with speeds of up to 900 Mps, tripling the speeds of its existing full fiber product. The package also includes BT’s Hybrid Connect device which switches to EE’s 4G mobile network if there is a problem with the landline, to provide uninterrupted business connectivity.

BT claims to be the only enterprise broadband service provider to offer micro-businesses a “transparent” Wi-Fi in the workplace, eliminating black spots to provide guaranteed Wi-Fi coverage. The option of a digital phone line also allows businesses to make and receive calls to their office number from their smartphone while on the go, via an app. BT says its digital phone line is also ensuring the sustainability of businesses before the analog phone network is phased out in 2025.

With the aim of boosting the growth of UK home and single-site businesses, BT is also testing new online tools to make it easier for them to manage their own digital advertising campaigns. BT research shows that while 64% of small businesses believe digital marketing is essential to their survival and growth, almost 60% need more support when it comes to digital marketing skills.

“By creating this new unit, we are investing in the future of the UK’s smallest businesses and startups, which are the lifeblood of the UK economy,” said Chris Sims, Managing Director of BT’s new SoHo unit. . “I am truly proud to lead this new unit at a time when their success has never been more important to securing the future of our country as we rebuild after the most difficult economic crisis in a generation.

“Every great business starts small and we want to help them thrive by providing seamless connectivity, coverage and customer service, so their broadband never lets them down. Building on the goal of our Skills for Tomorrow program – which provided free digital skills training to nearly 300,000 employees in small businesses – we will also launch a suite of new services and apps to bring smaller businesses to the next level. from the UK to the digital fast lane. “

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