Chaos as smallhouse son rides out of South Africa and accuses Zim’s businessman’s daughter of forging her own father’s marriage certificate

Chaos as smallhouse son rides out of South Africa and accuses Zim’s businessman’s daughter of forging her father’s marriage certificate

By Dorrothy Moyo | In a disturbing human rights theft, there was chaos when the daughter of the late Edward Nyanyiwa, also known as Eddies Pfugari, was forced to languish in a police cell for a second night, after being accused by a half-brother of forging her father and mother’s marriage. certificate.

Grandson of the house, Edward junior, after discovering his “daddy”

The grandson of the house recently moved out of South Africa and began to fight the estate of the late businessman of the legitimate wife married in the early 1960s, Mildred.

Prominent businessman Mr Pfugari and his wife Mildred had been married for over 40 years before his untimely death. He died several years after her.
Mrs. Nyanyiwa’s estate was registered during her husband’s lifetime and was being finalized at the time of his death.

So why did the son-in-law wait until husband and wife were dead before coming to question the marriage?


The police record reads: The complainant is Edward Nyanyiwa, a grown man and businessman who owns several companies in Zimbabwe. He is the son of the late Edward Nyanyiwa (Senior) who died in 2019 and owned several companies including E Pfugari Properties Pvt Limited and Eddie’s Pfugari Pvt Limited. The late Edward Nyanyiwa (Senior) had a polygamous marriage and had five wives including Mildred Nyanyiwa who is the late mother of the accused.

The accused is a 54-year-old adult woman residing at 38 Sandringham Drive Alexandra Park, Harare and the biological daughter of the late Mildred Nyanyiwa who died in 2005. At the time of her death, Mildred Nyanyiwa was separated from the late Edward Nyanyiwa (Senior). The accused is a sister-in-law of the complainant.
Sometime in March 1980, the late Edward Nyanyiwa registered Eddie Pfugari Pvt Limited with the defendant’s mother and they were both directors. Mildred Nyanyiwa subsequently resigned from the leadership on July 30, 1989.
After the death of Mildred Nyanyiwa, the accused registered her estate in 2015 under DR 2895/15 and the late Edward Nyanyiwa was then still alive. The late Edward Nyanyiwa (Snr) was called to an edict meeting to choose the executor of the estate of the late Mildred Nyanyiwa and he disputed the issue citing that the deceased had no property or anything that qualified for be registered as such.
Edward Nyanyiwa (Snr) later died on 10 February 2019 and after his death an executor was appointed by the Master of the High Court under DR471/19.
During the period from April 2019 to October 2019, the Accused provided false copies of a marriage certificate between Mildred and Edward Nyanyiwa to Mr. Mufara, the legal practitioner for Nyika Kanengoni and Partners legal Practitioners for the administration of the estate of the late Edward Nyanyiwa. When the accused handed over the documents, she knew very well that they were false.
Accordingly, the solicitor handed the documents over to the Master of High Court for the administration of the estate.
The complainant later discovered the offense and reported the matter to the police.
The investigations carried out took place at the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) in Kezi, where the marriage certificate was allegedly issued and records established that the certificate was fake.
Four sample signatures from WK Dube were reportedly The marriage officer was retrieved and returned to the Examined Document Examiner for review and it was concluded that the documents were not similar and therefore not consistent with standard WK signatures Dube the wedding officer and said the disputed signatures were consistent with the forgery.

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