Cheating married man dies in tiny house after clash


Cheating married man dies in tiny house

(Image credit: HMetro)

An unfaithful married man has met his untimely and ignominious end after his death in the home of his tiny home in a heated argument over who should spend the night with her. The incident happened on Saturday in the Harare suburb of Stoneridge Park.

iHarare learned from the local tabloid H-Metro, that the deceased man has been identified as Bernard Chiwanza, 37 years old.

Chiwanza paid a surprise visit to her tiny home, Petronella Makuvatsine, 30, on Saturday, but was told to leave because her lover was hosting someone else.

It didn’t go well with Chiwanza, who then tried to force open the door. Petronella’s roommate Maxwell Tapera tried to reason Chiwanza by advising her to leave.

However, Chiwanza was adamant. While trying to clear his way, he pushed open the door and it bumped into Tapera who furiously lashed out. Tapera grabbed an iron bar and hit Chiwanza in the head. Sadly, Chiwanza died instantly after the blow to the head.

Tapera has since been arrested and is currently being held at the Mbare police station.

When contacted for comment, Petronella shamelessly said she left with another married man, after Chiwanza mistreated her and failed to take care of her.

“I have seen Chiwanza for four years and at one point I ran away to her family home after getting pregnant.

“I spent a week sleeping in front of the courtyard of his family home and I want to believe that it affected the baby and that with delivery the baby died later.”

She said she then returned home after Chiwanza abandoned her and went to stay in rural areas until he found out she was gone. Petronella said that after she stopped taking care of her needs, she accepted another lover, who is also married.

“He lost affection for me and stopped paying my rent, which led me to accept the love of a new married lover who is now looking after me.”

Regarding Chiwanza’s death, Petronella said her former lover only came to her house because he learned that someone else was in her life now.

“Chiwanza came to my house without warning after learning that someone was paying for my rental, which is why I refused to open the door for her, which led to this incident.

“Tapera akuvharirwa achisiya mukadzi nemwana mucheche iyewo Chiwanza asiya mhuri yake nekuda kwekuramba kurambwa.”

Chiwanza’s family said they were shocked to learn that he had died in his small house because they believed the two had ended the affair.

“We knew about the lover because his wife had a fight with her before, but we didn’t know he was still in touch and it affected the family.

Chiwanza will be buried in Mutoko if all goes according to plan.

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