Christmas in a small town in downtown Hazard | News

Perry County’s annual “Small Town Christmas” took place last week, December 9-11. This year the rink has been open to the public since Thanksgiving and will remain open until the end of January, which is an extended period compared to the past. During Christmas week in a small town, the ice rink was located at Triangle Park, but the rest of the time the ice rink will be at the ArtStation. In addition to extending the rink’s uptime, the county ordered more skates and supplies for adults and children, and decided to pitch a tent on the rink this year. Hazard Town Christmas Parade and Small Town Christmas Lights Parade have been combined into one parade instead of two this year. Christmas trees were also organized, where local businesses decorated Christmas trees and displayed them on the main street, and elementary and secondary school children aged 12 and under could pick up an item or bag of Christmas trees. every Christmas tree. In addition to these major events, the Christmas in a Small Town event also featured several other activities for families and children, such as decorating cookies, making ornaments, children’s activities sponsored by Perry Promise, and more. . Students from Buckhorn, Perry Central and Hazard High School helped children decorate cookies and ornaments on tables in the center of the Farmer’s Market Pavilion.

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