Cruz’s Supreme Court win is a win for small-town challengers to career politicians, senator says

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Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz celebrated his Supreme Court victory on Monday, recounting FoxNews it’s a victory for the insurgent underdog looking to defeat a career federal politician.

In FEC vs. Cruz for the Senate, the court decided 6-3 in favor of Cruz, overturning a law limiting the amount of money a candidate raises that can be used after an election for the candidate to repay loans he has. personally consented to his campaign. .

For his 2018 re-election bid against then-Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, Cruz loaned his campaign $260,000, while FEC law only allowed campaigns to repay a maximum of $250,000. The ensuing litigation was based on the idea that such a law “prevents[ed] applicants to make such loans in the first place,” as Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. wrote in the majority opinion.

Cruz’s race against the El Paso Democrat was the most expensive Senate contest ever, Roberts wrote.


On “Hannity,” Cruz said that Congress originally enacted the law in question to better secure tenure:

“Congress’s number one priority is to prevent anyone from beating them. And so this law limits a candidate’s ability to take out a campaign loan and then pay it back,” he said.

“And the reason the incumbent politicians want to do that is that they don’t want anybody to challenge them. They don’t want some pesky challenger – say a small business owner – to make a loan to invest their savings in it, and to knock out the career politician.”

“The existing rule has benefited the incumbent politicians, and it has benefited the super rich. And the result of this decision today is that it becomes much easier for citizens to say, okay, I have fed up with the direction our country is going and I’m going to campaign and throw out the bums,” Cruz said.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
(Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

Cruz also commented on Judge Clarence Thomas condemning the recent leak of a draft opinion in the Mississippi abortion law case.

The Georgia jurist said he worries about the continued erosion and politicization of American institutions, like the court. Cruz argued that the aggression there came mostly from the far left, adding that it was up to Biden’s Justice Department to prosecute the activists intimidating Thomas and his fellow conservative lawyers.

He and host Sean Hannity added that Thomas’ response to being pressured to retire was well said.

“I will absolutely leave the field when I do my job as badly as you do yours,” Thomas told moderator John Yoo.

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