Financely Group becomes the best consultants for small businesses to access foreign markets

Providing advice to small businesses to succeed and access foreign capital markets

As the world changes rapidly and emerging markets grow, it has become increasingly difficult to enter these markets without a great brand. While emerging markets are poised to give birth to the next big companies, only small companies that can access foreign capital markets can scale.

Group Financially, a leading advisory firm is positioned to help small businesses access foreign capital markets. Over the years, the group has helped countless small businesses by providing them with business consultancy/advice on how to get started and what they need to do to be successful in this market.

Their services overlap comprehensive trade and project finance, investment banking, offshore registration and carbon finance services, among others. They help companies raise capital, solve debt problems and manage cash flow. With several years of experience, Financely Group is able to structure the most effective fundraising mechanism to deal with the financial issues of small and medium-sized businesses.

Their comprehensive commercial financial service involves finding stand-by letters of credit, proof of funds, documentary letter of credit, performance bonds and necessary documents for customers. Through their trade finance advisory service, clients can get advice on the best methods to manage trade risk. Additionally, they provide insights into the fundamental drivers that impact the markets to help clients make the most informed decision.

Partner financially with clients and use the services of licensed financial institutions whenever necessary as part of their project finance advisory service. With a team of experienced professionals and consultants, small businesses can get advice on the best ways to raise funds for any project.

Additionally, through their carbon finance service, project developers can obtain certification for carbon credits. This certificate would allow developers to sell their credits to raise capital as an alternative method of fundraising for projects. Businesses that work with Financely can take comfort in the fact that the advisory group has a proven track record of helping small businesses.

“By partnering with companies in emerging markets, we can help them access foreign capital markets that would otherwise be closed to them. By opening these closed doors, we are giving these companies a chance to grow and become the giants of tomorrow,” said Kenny Brouwers, Director, EMEA.

Financely Groups hopes to develop better ways to serve more small businesses in the future to enable them to perform better and scale quickly in the marketplace.

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