From Iceland – Meteor Likely size of small house, engineering company reports

Erik Pomrenke

photo by

Chris Henry | Unsplash

The meteor that exploded over southern Iceland on Friday July 2 was probably 7 m in diameter, about the size of a small house.

In an article on Linkedin, Vatnaskil consulting engineers calculated that “the meteor most likely exploded at 10:42 pm about 2 km northeast of Hrafnabjörg, at an altitude of 37 km”.

They declare “[a]Although the meteor was probably around 7m in diameter when it entered the atmosphere […] only small fragments may have reached the ground. People hoping to find a piece of this meteor know where to start their search, although the chances of finding one are extremely slim.

Hjalti Sigurjónsson, geophysicist at Vatnakil, performed the analysis, using data provided by Halldor Geirsson of Háskóli Ísland.

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