G Adventures and Hostelworld join forces for new small-group tours

G Adventures and Hostelworld have joined forces to create a new way of traveling for the younger generations.

Roamies combines the social accommodation experience with small-group adventure travel. Youth hostels have played a key role in making travel accessible and affordable. They foster a sense of community and camaraderie among young people. Now, G Adventures and Hostelworld will bring this social experience to the world of adventure travel.


Roamies, for travelers aged 18 to 35, is a collection of 38 tours in 15 countries that includes stays in more than 50 hostels. Tours begin May 8, 2022 and can be booked now.

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The new tours are small group adventures, with between 16 and 24 people, and last between five and 34 days. Trips feature additional free time and optional activities available for booking, as well as an Experience Director (CEO) from G Adventures.

In launching Roamies, G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip noted that the traveler has changed during the pandemic, and this new product offers a new way to experience the world after 20 months without being able to do so.

“We’ve always had great respect for Hostelworld – it’s an amazing company with an incredible commitment to the advancement of travel, a quality that we appreciate and share. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to act like a start-up again, ”said Poon Tip. “As we learned more about the business of Hostelworld, we realized there was an opportunity to create something special by bringing our brands together to create the perfect mix of backpacking and travel tours. .

“Together, we are creating a new style of travel for our customers that will allow them to have a better travel experience and support our community tourism model, which is based on investing in as many local and small businesses as possible. There is no better representation of this than in the hostel market, many of which are family owned, ”added Poon Tip.

Gary Morrison, CEO of Hostelworld Group, said the partnership presents an exciting opportunity to create a new kind of hiking adventure for young travelers.

“Our mission is to help hostels meet other travelers they want to spend time with on their trip. Therefore, partnering with G Adventures to offer a combination of hostels and adventure travel made perfect sense, ”said Morrison. “When young people travel, they want to do more than just see places – they want to make meaningful connections and have new experiences that positively change their perspective on themselves and the world.”

Itinerant trips are priced at $ 199 for a three-day trip, and countries visited in the current collection set include Albania, Austria, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Peru, Thailand and Vietnam.

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