GoCo Selects Vericred to Bring Revolutionary Automation to Small Group Benefits Enrollment

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Vericred, the API platform that powers digital quote-to-card experiences in Medicare and Benefits, today announced that GoCo, a leading provider of flexible software solutions for HR, benefits and payroll, selected Vericred Membership registration and management API to dramatically simplify and speed up the setup, registration and administration of small group benefits. With API integration, GoCo can now activate new groups for its employer clients much faster, in days instead of weeks, without manually forging individual connections between its platform and operators to facilitate data exchange.

Simplify benefit administration

GoCo is an all-in-one HR platform that streamlines time-consuming HR tasks, including benefits administration. With the integration of Vericred’s API, GoCo is automating, for the first time, previously manual employee benefit enrollment tasks for its small business clients. This move will save employers and brokers time and resources as they add or update employee benefits.

“Vericred’s Member Enrollment and Management API has helped us unlock an unprecedented level of small group benefits automation, previously only available to midsize and large businesses, ”said Nir Leibovich, CEO of GoCo. “As a result, we’ve freed up internal resources and made the registration process faster, easier and better for employers, employees and brokers. This is a huge competitive advantage for us during open registration periods and beyond. ”

Connectivity for transparent data exchange

Vericred’s API enables GoCo’s platform to seamlessly connect to Vericred’s network of health insurance and benefit companies, making the exchange of quote, enrollment data instantaneous. and eligibility between health insurance companies, brokers and GoCo. As a result, employee data is now automatically transferred to the carrier, removing the manual data entry steps for the benefits administrator and speeding up the enrollment path for both employee and employer. In addition, any errors in the data are corrected before they even reach the carrier.

“We are excited to partner with GoCo in blazing a new path for the small group benefits industry and demonstrating the power that instant carrier connectivity can unleash, ”said Michael W. Levin, CEO and Co-Founder by Vericred. “The GoCo platform truly maximizes its integration with Vericred’s membership registration and management API to deliver tangible value to its users.

Vericred Powers Benefit Sync dashboard

GoCo’s Benefits Synchronization Dashboard puts the power in the hands of HR and Benefits administrators, giving them the tools to design and automate their favorite workflows. By integrating with Vericred’s API, GoCo’s dashboard now provides users with end-to-end visibility into the entire enrollment transaction, including every step of the transaction when it is with the carrier.

About Vericred

Vericred is how health insurance companies and benefit providers connect with new technology partners to provide consumers with seamless quote-to-card experiences. We are not the websites or apps you use to choose a plan or find a doctor. We are the infrastructure. We are the “pipes” that simplify the complex exchange of quote, enrollment and eligibility data between carriers and technology partners responsible for delivering health and social benefits to hundreds of millions of Americans every day. . Our APIs pass billions of data points between InsurTech and insurance companies, fueling digital distribution in the insurance industry. Join the community of insurance geeks by creating a seamless digital experience from quote to card. Visit www.vericred.com.

About GoCo

GoCo.io is a modern HR, benefits and payroll department designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, GoCo’s mission is to automate manual HR tasks and empower HR to make work better.

Unlike other HRIS platforms, GoCo is designed to be flexible enough to support existing processes, policies, and vendors, so SMBs don’t have to change the way they work just to adopt a modern HR system. For more information visit www.goco.io.

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