Hanlontown’s Rick Scholbrock aims for 30 years as small-town mayor | Community


Hanlontown Mayor Rick Scholbrock has served the city since 1995 and is looking to stay on until his 30th birthday.

Scholbrock got his start in politics when the previous mayor convinced him to join the city council. He participated for two years before being encouraged to take office as mayor.

“I love the small town,” Scholbrock said. “I always have. I’ve learned a lot of things; I’ve seen it grow and I’ve seen it shrink… I don’t want to see someone come in and destroy good things.

During the day, Scholbrock works as a welder for Winnebago Industries and runs his side business, Kids Power Pedal Tractor Pulls.

Scholbrock nurtures his passion for motorsports and collects model cars in the little free time he has. Its collection consists of approximately 700 late-model off-road cars and 400 NASCAR models. According to his die-cast car dealership, Scholbrock has one of the top five off-road car collections in the country.

Before Scholbrock settled down and started a family, he spent much of his time attending races. He began collecting body panels, tires, and other racing car parts, as well as racing banners from around the country.

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Since beginning his first term as mayor of Hanlontown, Scholbrock has faced some challenges, including retaining young members in the fire department and addressing housing shortages, which he still faces. full force.

Scholbrock said his favorite part of the job as mayor has been connecting with the community and making close friends over the years.

Scholbrock believes that “everyone should spend at least two years on city council” to get to know and learn more about their community, as he did a long time ago.

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