Help showcase local businesses in small towns

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Christmas is just around the corner and two Siouxlanders are helping people find local stores in the area to help them with their holiday shopping. The Rural Route Ramble started on Friday and offers nearly 50 shops from small towns around the Siouxland region.

The goal is to showcase rural community businesses that can often be overlooked during the holiday season.

The event is a self-guided shopping in rural Siouxland to help promote local stores that people normally can’t reach or even know they are there.

“I think everyone wants to support the little ones and they don’t always know where to find it. So, so that we can connect those buyers who are out there ready to support small businesses with the people we know and love, that is really what makes us happy and what is worth it, ”said Marissa Molland, Co-Founder.

Co-founders Melissa Nelson and Marissa Molland said they came up with the idea after seeing the impact of COVID on small town stores.

“It’s been a long year. A difficult year for traders. We thought how can we help support our small business owners in our area? So we organized this rural road hike last year and it was a great success as we had little time to plan it, ”said Melissa Nelson, Co-Founder.

Shopping weekend is hitting close to home for both Nelson and Molland, as they are also small business owners themselves …

“Showing people around us the other amazing business owners that we have around us really warms our hearts. We feel so good that people are going out and looking to buy local and small. It’s really meaningful to both of us, ”said Nelson.

And these local stores said they were grateful for the exposure that Rural Route Ramble brings to them.

“Small businesses need all the support they can get right now. We work our buns! That we love. So getting the community support … that’s going to keep us going, ”said Jamie Vess, owner of Next to Nature.

Encourage people to shop small this holiday season.

“When you shop on Main Street, you really support the people you can connect with. And it’s people like you who just have a business. So supporting them, it’s really nice to shop small and shop local, ”said Nelson.

Before setting off on your route, check all the stops by following this link.

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