“Inditex preserves the culture of small businesses” – CVBJ

12/11/2021 at 14:19 CET


With more than 150,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of 30,000 million euros, the textile giant Inditex nevertheless preserves the “small business culture” which has catapulted it since its creation. first Zara store in 1975 in In La Coruña, and also a “very flat” structure despite its size which helps to maintain an “entrepreneurial mentality”.

Word from your president, Pablo Isla, who stands out among the main characteristics of Amancio Ortega’s company, based in Arteixo (La Coruña), which tries to “make sure that everyone is able to make decisions” and “considers itself very owner of what he does in any field of activity of the company ”.

“This facilitates our economic model” in which “we are not perfect, we make mistakes every day, but we try to learn from them”, he explained to the audience of XXIII National Meeting of Surgeons held in A Coruña.

Graduated in law from UCM and state prosecutor, the President of Inditex, in post since 2011 after joining the company in 2005, was the only executive named best CEO in the world for two consecutive years by Harvard and sits on the MIT Boston Advisory Board. Considered by those who know him well as a deeply simple man, Pablo Isla He delivered his presentation on “Leadership in Tough Times” at a lectern, from where he then descended to address the audience from the stage and answer their questions in the form of a conversation, up close.

The mindset and philosophy of Index Since its first stores outside Spain, opened at the end of the Eighties first in Porto then in Paris and New York, which still exist, it is wanting “to be one of the best and for that it is necessary to compete there. where the best are ”, instead of staying only in the domestic market.

Non-conformity, improvement, self-demand, passion, commitment, humility, excellence, team, entrepreneurial spirit, are the principles that govern this company in which the “good leader is the one who unites, the errors are his and his. successes belong to all, ”it says.

Accepting mistakes and criticism, flexibility, adaptation and anticipation, and knowing that we have to improve ourselves are part of the philosophy of Inditex, he continues, a company in which ethical behavior is also essential because ” things can be good or bad and it doesn’t matter how you behave. ”“ The things you do have consequences, ”he blurted out.

But above all, the president of Index pointed out the “most important” asset of the company, the people who make it up, of more than 170 nationalities and who share a culture. “Inditex’s culture can be seen in all areas, when you go to any country, to China, Russia or Japan, within the company you breathe the same culture”, emphasizes -he.

About the business model of Index He said it was basically “how to do it the other way around” and making decisions based on changing customer demand.

Proximity, digital transformation and integration and sustainability are also part of the axes of the textile group.

Pablo Isla He told the surgeons who attended his presentation of his “admiration” for the work they do, because “sooner or later we all end up putting ourselves in your hands,” he said, after was presented by the Minister of Health, Julio. García Comesaña, who underlined the “leadership” also of health professionals, in particular surgeons, in managing the current stage of “reactivation and return to normal” after the pandemic.

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