Luhrmann hopes Tonys’ sweep inspires’ a kid in a small town like me ‘


“You have to be very clear here, if there hadn’t been any government funding for the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, the Sydney Opera House, the Australian School of Television and Radio or the Sydney Theater Company, so myself, Catherine Martin and so many others … creative Australian artists who export our creativity and ideas around the world by carrying the Australian flag would not have had the trip they made, “said Luhrmann .

He and Martin watched the ceremony from the Gold Coast where they are editing their new film about the life and music of Elvis Presley. Carmen Pavlovic, the Australian producer of Red Mill!, spoke to them via video chat from the press room right after accepting the award for best music.


“We also texted in the commercial breaks during the night and it was really emotional for all of us,” Pavlovic said. “There have been a lot of tears all around because they have been so defining from a development point of view.

“They were very present when we premiered and opened on Broadway, came to rehearsals, helped us sort out a storytelling knot in Act 2, and at the very beginning we went to their house where they were. gave us access to their design files.

“Our show is a great, hopeful story for the industry, which is what people need right now.”

Luhrmann paid tribute to the team at Global Creatures, marking the first time he gave one of his creative works to someone else.

“I cannot stress enough the passion and perseverance of Carmen Pavlovic, Gerry Ryan and Global Creatures,” he said.

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