Matthew Caruana Galizia thanks ‘little group of people’ for including bribery clause in EU pipeline funding

Matthew Caruana Galizia and a small group of people were responsible for including a clause that will prevent EU funding for a gas pipeline from reaching crime-related projects.

Although the clause does not mention Electrogas, the powerhouse linked to the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, it is believed to refer to it.

“I worked until 4 a.m. with a small group of people who care about our country to make sure our government doesn’t use our money to reward those who use murder as a business tool,” he said. writes Caruana Galizia on social networks.

“We thought Miriam Dalli would fight for the interests of the public. She did the opposite. Guess what: we won a little battle against corruption and murder in spite of you ”

Caruana Galizia’s post comes shortly after EU ministers asked Malta to ask for at least half the funding for a € 400m investment in a gas pipeline to Sicily.

According to a funding clause, projects related to cases of fraud, corruption or criminality should not be eligible for financial assistance.

One Electrogas key shareholder, Yorgen Fenech, is currently the subject of an indictment for the murder of Caruana Galizia. In the meantime, he has faced allegations of corruption.

The Caruana Galizia family had previously warned that the pipeline would trigger a payment of 100 million euros to Electrogas.

However, the same clause specifies that Member States must ensure that projects do not directly or indirectly benefit persons linked to problems which deserve to be excluded.

Matthew Caruana Galizia has previously claimed the project was the motive for the murder, with Daphne Caruana Galizia coming into possession of the major Electrogas leak in early 2017, months before her murder.

The emails show that Electrogas faced major problems when it came to funding the project – with concerns over an extension of a € 360 million state guarantee on a loan from 450 million euros. The warranty was due to expire in August 2017, but was eventually extended until December 2017, two months after the murder.

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