PJ Spillane Co.: No.1 on Massachusetts Small Business List for 2020


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Executives at the PJ Spillane Co. building restoration company choose employees who believe in teamwork and communication, then create a place where they can thrive by empowering them to take their own. Everett’s decisions and wholehearted support, no matter how those choices. practice.

View from the top: “A person may need more on-the-job training or education, and that’s fine with me, as long as they have the right personality and are open to working with others,” said CEO Sarah Spillane.

Less worries: Earlier this year, project manager Russ Charpentier began to experience health issues. But the only thing he never had to worry about was keeping up with his work. “A bunch of other people were more than happy to take over for me,” he says. “It was a relief to know they were there.”

For the long term: A few years after Controller Jaimie Marchionni joined PJ Spillane, she had her first child and was delighted with the flexibility, support and genuine kindness of her employer. And that positive feeling stuck with her. “I never thought of leaving,” she said. “For 21 years, it never even crossed my mind.”



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