Savanna named # 1 “Best Small Town for Adventure” by USA Today


SAVANNA, IL (KWQC) – Savanna, Illinois, earned # 1 spot on USA Today’s “Best Small Towns For Adventure” list.

This isn’t the first time Savanna has been on the USA Today list. In 2020, the city placed 4th in the “Best small town for adventure” category. City officials say the city’s outdoor opportunities have helped attract tourism funds to the area.

“It’s really flattering to finish in the top ten. It’s a big deal to finish number one as a small town in Illinois that no one has usually heard of, ”said Savanna Mayor Chris Lain.

Lain partly attributes the pandemic to the fact that it has attracted more people who want to get out but stay safe.

“We have the Great River Bike Trail, the Mississippi Palisades State Park with all of the Mississippi views. We have all the trails, kayak rentals, the river, the tubes and all of our outdoor music all summer long, ”Lain said.

Six guesthouses have opened in Savanna over the past year, along with new businesses and restaurants.

“When we look at the numbers, we have a big increase in our tourism numbers and in our tax revenues. It really helps small businesses and it spills over to everything like an increase in the number of jobs. This year, small businesses have been a banner year for us, ”said Lain.

For a list of events and activities happening in Savanna, visit the Explore Savanna website.

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