small businesses: small businesses stepping up hiring of women amid labor crisis

Mumbai: A few years ago, in the weeks leading up to Dussehra – which marks the start of the festival season in India – Raghavendar Gupta, the owner of Tweakymod, a Hyderabad-based mobile phone case manufacturing company, had to faced with an exodus of experienced workers from his company. Amid a busy production schedule and growing backlog, Gupta and a group of female Tweakymod workers rolled up their sleeves to meet deadlines.

In just a few days, they had managed to get their shaky production numbers back on track. It was this support that prompted Gupta to promise himself to hire more women to fill his jobs. “Over 60% of our employees are now women; for the day shift, that number rises to 80%,” Gupta said.

A growing number of Indian micro, medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) have stepped up their recruitment of talented women to address the prevailing labor shortage in the market, MSME owners and recruitment companies have said with which ET spoke.

The post-pandemic migrant worker crisis – when many workers returned to their hometowns and several of them did not return – prompted MSMEs to increasingly rely on the pool of female talent in hiring in local areas.

According to the estimates of

two out of three MSMEs seek to employ more women.

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That aside, there are many qualitative reasons that tip the scales in favor of women, say MSME owners. Women are more diligent, stay on the job longer, are more punctual and get along better with supervisors, said several MSME owners.

“With every growing challenge of finding the right talent, ensuring employee retention, combating the growing trend of sudden quits, employers, especially those of MSMEs, are turning to hiring more women,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, executive vice president of Teamlease Services.

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