Small Group Determined to Save Pershing’s Mural Raised Money for Feasibility Study | Local

City officials said they concluded it was not possible to use taxpayer money to try and save the mural, but they are supporting the small group’s efforts by using donations, both that this does not compromise the demolition, public safety and the start of construction of the White Lotus project.

Lincoln City Council approves action to move Pershing Block redevelopment forward

“We support their efforts to explore the possibility of recovering the mural,” said Hallie Salem, redevelopment manager of the city’s urban development department.

The demolition – which will include asbestos removal and other decontamination efforts – will cost $ 2.5 million, Salem said, and a 2014 PC Sports analysis determined it would cost around $ 1.2 million to remove interior wall paint, restore and reinstall it.

At this point, Salem said, the mural should be removed from the exterior as entering the old building is not safe, and they have received complaints that pieces of the building are flying off.

There has been a lot of talk about the fate of the mural, Salem said. Some people want to keep pieces of it as memories, some want to keep some of it, some don’t want to save it at all.

This group is the most advanced on a plan.

“It’s commendable that they really started this,” she said. “I’m a little worried that it’s a little bit at the 11th hour… but I also appreciate the speed with which they operate. They decided not to wait for someone else to do it. They took the initiative, so it’s really commendable.

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