Small group of Parkersburg South seniors mentor high school students for the future


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – The Parkersburg South Marching Band has 90 Patriots and 11 Seniors.

Group manager Chris Shew says these seniors are making the most of this year and helping new hires prepare for the future.

“We just kind of tried to work through everything as it comes. Because we never know what tomorrow will bring, ”explains Drum Major Kainen Drake.

This year’s seniors are eager to play in front of a crowd after several of their performances were canceled last year.

“These kids are doing their best when they are only 18 months old or not very much. And that was a shock to a lot of their systems, I think, ”said Parkersburg South group manager Chris Shew.

Shew says this senior class is relatively small, but they take charge and help the subclasses.

“As section leaders, we really have to be role models for them,” says Hunter Phillips, the central snare drum. “So they can kind of turn into that, as the leaders move forward.”

Shew describes this year’s halftime show as ‘black jazz sleuth’ as ​​its theme.

It begins with a classic by Phil Collins and ends with a song from a James Bond movie.

Shew says, “They work hard and I can’t ask them to do more than that. If they give me all they can, what else can you ask of a child? And there’s really nothing you can do other than that.

The Parkersburg South group will perform this Friday as the Patriots face the Big Reds at Parkersburg High School.

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