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There are many questions about a property in the real estate market, the main one being “Wait, how much?” ”

Two bedroom, one bathroom home in Ontario, Canada has been listed for shocking spirit $ 11.2 million and although the listing for the house says “a must see”, there are only two photos: one of the exterior of the house and one of the property line.

The house spans 5.6 acres and is touted as an “incredible property with redevelopment potential” to “builders and investors,” the listing on states.

The listing indicates that the land is also close to municipal services and has easy access to highways.

The house also includes a living room, a family room, a dining room and a games room.

However, pointed out that the earth comes with some discordant problems of its own.

“First of all, it’s on a well, a cistern and a UV water filtration system and a septic tank,” the blog says. “It’s not even hooked up to a sewage system, which is good, but there is a bit of maintenance that most places that cost $ 11 million don’t have to deal with.”

The blog also pointed out that the property is also south of Kirby Waste Transfer Solutions, a waste management plant.

Small homes with high prices are not unheard of in the real estate world these days.

A 328 square foot house in Santa Cruz, Calif., sold for $ 1.025 million while a Massachusetts house dubbed a “glorified hut” listed for $ 450,000, reported McClatchy News.

But $ 11.1 million for a 2 bedroom house? Tell us more, please.

McClatchy News contacted the listing agent on December 8 for comment and has yet to receive a response.

This story was originally published 9 December 2021 2:45 p.m.

TJ Macías is a real-time national sports reporter for McClatchy based at the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Previously, TJ covered Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers beats for numerous media including 24/7 Sports and Mavs Maven (Sports Illustrated). Twitter: @TayloredSiren

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