SMALL TOWN SALUTE: Beckville has faced many hardships due to fire and drought |

BECKVILLE, Texas (KETK) – Beckville is located in northwestern Panola County, originally established one mile east of its current location.

The town was named after settler Matthew W. Beck who arrived around 1850. A post office was opened in the late 1850s when the town had a population of around 75.

The Texas, Sabine Valley, and Northwestern Railroad went straight to Beckville, but local landowners reportedly raised the price of a right-of-way to the point where the railroad decided to build a mile away from where the landowner Joe Biggs was more receptive.

The original location was deserted as people and businesses moved into the new townsite.

In 1917, a fire destroyed buildings in downtown Beckville, and in 1927 the area suffered a drought.

At present, the community population of Beckville is now close to 1,000 people.

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