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Stanton, Tennessee (AP) —Ford plans to build a factory to make electric microphones, and as the clean energy revolution comes to Stanton, Lessatard hopes to offer more chicken wings and cheeseburgers. .. She therefore plans to expand with a small town in western Tennessee.

Its canteen is strategically located at the busiest intersection of a community of around 450 people, serving thousands of workers who arrive when construction begins and a massive vehicle and battery manufacturing plant opens. I can’t wait to do it.

“I don’t see anything other than big things,” said Tard, who runs Kan’s dining room with her husband. , And the community can grow. “

Stanton is one of two small southern towns likely to undergo dramatic changes after Ford announced Monday that Stanton and Glendale, Ky., Will be at the center of plans to increase production of electric vehicles. is.

Ford has announced that it will spend $ 5.6 billion on Stanton to build an F-Series electric pickup truck production facility in conjunction with battery partner SK Innovation Co., Ltd. from South Korea. A joint venture called BlueOvalSK will build a battery plant in the same location near Memphis and a twin battery plant in Glendale, central Kentucky. Ford estimated Kentucky’s investment at $ 5.8 billion. The project will create around 10,800 jobs and shift the future manufacturing footprint of automakers south.

Residents of both cities combine cautious optimism and greed to contemplate change and realize that their familiar way of life may be becoming something unrecognizable, but it can be prosperous. Make.

When Ford announced plans to build two battery factories outside of Glendale on Monday night, residents were slowly living in a farming community near Kentucky surrounded by corn and soybean fields. I enjoyed the pace. I wondered if that day was counted from the porch to the parking lot of the general store.

Residents seemed to be hoping that the promise of 5,000 jobs would increase the risk of blocking young people. But they worried about the problems that rapid growth could cause.

“Yes, we need a job,” Nikki Basham said. “Yes, it will help the economy. There are pros and cons. Glendale is a small town, you will be on the run a bit. We’ll see what happens.”

Basham, a mother of two young children, has lived in a community in hundreds of Hardin counties for 17 years since she was a teenager. She said it was important for the colony to grow, but that she also liked the quiet lifestyle with only one highway to and from the city.

“I really don’t want to be hit by a lot of traffic,” she said.

Amanda Medley said the battery plant would provide opportunities for young adults who have to travel to Louisville about 80 miles north to find employment.

“Not many young people stay here,” said Medley, a volunteer firefighter. “They go to school. They move to other places. Maybe we keep some of the kids around.

The plant was successful in attracting workers from a wide variety of Kentucky. Hardin County had an unemployment rate of 3.7% in August, with the highest unemployment rate in the District 8 area at 4.4%.

Ford executive chairman Bilford was at an event outside the Kentucky General Assembly in Frankfort on Tuesday, where automakers were “good neighbors and have enriched the communities in which we participate.” I will work hard to give back. According to the company, Ford recently donated $ 6.5 million to support the entire Kentucky community through its Ford charitable foundation. Ford has two vehicle assembly plants in Louisville.

In Glendale, less than a block away, the business district, where shops were adorned with moms and Halloween decorations, is set to change dramatically. Currently, the main form of commerce is nostalgia. There are many antique stores in the community, but perhaps the most famous business is Restaurant Whistlestop, a ten year old restaurant that has taken home fried green tomatoes, country fried steaks, fried chicken. and sweet tea pies.

There is already talk of the restaurant opening up the dining room on the second floor and creating an outdoor seating area to accommodate the influx of workers and possibly residents of the new neighborhood, said Jamie Henry, restaurant manager. said Henri.

“It’s like collecting lottery tickets and winning,” she says.

Tard has its own expansion plan. She wants to add more staff, extend the opening hours and increase the number of places in the restaurant.

“Now it’s very quiet here. Everything stops at 7 or 8 am, ”said Tard. “At 8 o’clock, it’s a ghost town. There will be more traffic all day and all night.

The two Kentucky battery factories will be built on 1,551 acres (627 hectares) on the outskirts of Glendale, near Interstate 65. The site was supplied 20 years before Kentucky finally managed to land a manufacturing plant. of modern cars in Alabama.

The state continued to market the Glendale site through the terms of several governors, losing sight of other industries until Democratic Governor Andy Beshear landed a large battery factory.

“Everyone knew something was going to happen for a very long time, so it’s not a big shock to know someone is coming,” said Laura Tab, who lives in Glendale. Everyone had been waiting for him for almost 20 years. “

But it would be a shock to some. Recently, two cats relaxed in the middle of the road on a quiet side street in Glendale. Near the makeshift “Cat Crossroads” sign, encourage the driver to slow down and not be affected by what is in the store.


Schleiner reported in Glendale, Ky.

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