Souris receives rave reviews from ‘Small Town Rising’ –

The weather and the pandemic cooperated with the organizing committee of the Southwest Business & Entrepreneur Show in Souris last week.

Wednesday’s event brought together business owners, board members and community stakeholders from near and far to learn more about how to improve their businesses and their community as a whole.

Local Souris business owner Kathleen Lagasse attended and participated in the breakout sessions and keynote address.

“The day went very well, I was happy and I learned a lot,” she shares. “There are always things to learn in the business world and I am still learning. I’m going home with great ideas! »

For more than 30 years, Lagasse has been a passionate and inspiring artist in her community. Over the past 10 years, she has shared her expertise with others of all ages and in many mediums in the art world. Opening her own Souris gallery on Crescent Avenue just over 7 years ago, Kathleen also showcases the work of over 180 Manitoba artisans, as well as artisans from neighboring provinces.

Lagasse says she enjoyed the performance by “Small Town Rising” duo Leslie Fournier and Gregg McLauchlan. The day before, she had met the couple on their walk around town with Souris council members and community stakeholders.

Through their presentation and breakout sessions, ideas were shared on how to beautify rural downtowns, what to do with open spaces, how to draw potential customers off the sidewalk and to through the doors of your store. “It was all about color and visual appeal and appeal, and I think for Souris we’re already on that path!”

“They were really impressed with what they saw,” adds Lagasse. “Of course, there were still things we could improve, but they were amazed by our city! We were already doing some of these things.

Lagasse credits the success of Souris’ economy to its chamber of commerce, with 108 local businesses participating. “A thousand inhabitants for this city and we have more than a hundred members!”

“And we all support each other,” she adds. “We always support other businesses and if other cities can be like that, and not be ruthless and competitive, and just be very supportive of your friendly neighborhood businesses down the street, you know what? It’s going far!”

Listen to more audio with Souris company owner Kathleen Lagasse and CJRB’s Betty Sawatzky below.

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