The Big Marketing Declutter: New Study From Accenture Reveals How Small Group Of Marketers Thrive Despite Constant Market Disruption


NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Almost 70% of marketing managers worldwide say the past year has completely exhausted their employees, found new search of Accenture (NYSE: ACN). While this is not surprising given the increased levels of employee burnout cited around the world, there is a silver lining.

Produced by Accenture Interactive and titled “The great marketing declutter, “ the report identified a small group of marketers – just 17% of the more than 1,000 marketers surveyed – whose marketing organizations are thriving despite all the change, uncertainty and complexity of the past 18 months. This group – which research identifies as “Thrivers” – found that the vast majority (86%) of their employees in these organizations were energized by a new focus of serving the rapidly changing motivations of customers.

Thrivers are decluttering marketing to deal with the complexities, with 59% noting that their marketing organization is much stronger today than it was last year because they were pressured to think of marketing in a whole different way. The Thrivers have focused on changing their customers’ motivations and what is needed to serve them smarter and better. They focused on what matters, discarded what wasn’t, and rewired the rest. As a result, they find more meaning in their work, which is essential for serving the company and its customers and for retaining and attracting employees.

The report divides the remaining respondents into two other groups, based on specific aspects of their customer relationships: the “Strivers” – representing two-thirds (66%) of executives surveyed – who have some autonomy to meet needs. customers but awareness of changes in customers; and “Survivors” – making up the remaining 17% – who are exhausted and out of step with the pulse of customer change, assuming this change is only temporary.

“The marketers who have grasped the pandemic as a forcing function to redefine what they do, how they do it and the overall role of marketing in business are the ones who have been successful and are driving the growth of the business,” said said Jeannine Falcone, Global Marketing. Head of Services, Accenture Interactive. “Timeliness is essential for brands today, and you can’t do it if you’re using the same old game manual.”

The Thrivers cut through the clutter and overtake the survivors

The study found that Thrivers guides their marketing organization around three important guiding principles: aligning with their [company’s] goal; help their clients; and improve the functioning of their marketing organization. Research further shows how Thrivers lead the way in both their thinking and their actions, which can be boiled down to the following five guidelines.

  1. Get to know your client: By accepting that the customers they once knew have changed, the Thrivers have cast aside their old beliefs about customer preferences and know that assumptions can be dangerous. They listen to customers and rewire marketing around who the customers are at any given time and rank customer satisfaction as their main measure of success.
  2. Find your collective difference: Knowing that it takes unity and collaboration to differentiate the customer experience, Thrivers are 60% more likely than Survivors to report that customer input is very critical to key business decisions about the customer experience. . They recognize that the synchronization of all functions (product development, commerce, sales, service and marketing) is necessary to unleash differentiation.
  3. Keep pace with change: The overwhelming majority of Thrivers (91%) believe that customer behaviors are changing faster than ever. Therefore, they aim to deliver messages, content and experiences tailored to the real-time needs of customers. In addition, they are almost 50% more likely than Survivors (95% vs. 65%) to have increased their investments to scale quickly.
  4. Determine what no one wants to do: The marketing ecosystem has grown exponentially more complex due to an explosion of touchpoints, technologies, regulatory issues and partners. Thrivers have outsmarted complexity by focusing on automating processes and industrializing operations, and they are significantly more likely than Survivors to invest more in improving ways of working with ecosystem partners (91 % vs. 56%). They are just as concerned with getting rid of tasks as they are with getting them done, giving their marketing organization the edge it needs to be successful.
  5. Have what you want to defend: Thrivers own the purpose of their brand, connecting empathetically and authentically with customers and delivering what customers value. They are five times more likely than Survivors to view shifts in customer values ​​fueled by the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the role of marketing and reinvent the purpose of their brand.

The report also provides examples of how some leading organizations – including Blue Buffalo, Diageo, Direct Line Group, and NRMA Insurance – have decluttered their marketing models to be successful. The full report is available here.

About the research

From June to July 2021, Accenture Research and Accenture Interactive surveyed 1,022 marketers around the world, in 19 countries and 19 industries to study how marketers felt and responded to the changes they saw in their customers / consumers over the past year (2020) and how it has contributed to the resilience of their marketing organizations.

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