The center of the universe? Small town in Idaho says it’s

This week’s Inside Idaho is about the center of the universe.

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Founded in the late 1880s in the middle of begging Idaho, lies a small town of just under 1,000 people. Part of the Coeur d’Alene silver mining district – which produced more silver than any other mining district in the United States – the small town of Wallace, Idaho was put on the map for another reason.

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In 2004, Wallace Mayor Ron Garitone proclaimed the city the center of the universe. Why? Because he could… using the probabilistic theory. Since no one could prove Wallace’s people wrong…well…it had to be true.

Manhole cover in Wallace, Idaho considered the center of the universe. Photo courtesy: Idaho Tourism.

Today, the self-proclaimed “Center of the Universe” marker stands at the intersection of Bank and Sixth streets in downtown Wallace.

In addition to the statement on the cover, there are four initials – HL, CDE, SRLM and BHM – representing Shoshone County’s four major mining companies: Hecla Mining, Coeur d’Alene Precious Metals, Sunshine Silver Mine and Bunker Hill. . Mining company.

Since its discovery in 1885, the mining district has produced more than $2 billion in metallic wealth (silver, lead and zinc), according to the Idaho State University website.

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