“This is your most important little group”: Rica Peralejo on fun, teaching her children

For actress and Christian vlogger Rica Peralejo, nothing beats spending precious time with her youngest baby, Manu.

Peralejo believes that as a mum one should treasure spending quality time during her baby’s formative years, as posted on her Instagram page yesterday, November 28, where she shared with her fans a series of photos the showing Manu cuddling on the stairs.

“My last baby. I think. I hope. So I’m making the most of it, “she said.” For those who think about the dozen different things people tell you about being away somewhere else or not being present somewhere else because you take the time. to appreciate and teach your children – don’t worry, you are doing the right thing. “

For Peralejo, there is no point in acquiring “a dozen different titles” if you miss the “most important years” of your child.

“For me the only valid reason to be away from your children, especially in these crucial years, is that you have to work. It’s a reality. Sometimes we have to make this choice just so as not to starve, ”she added. “And I really feel sorry for the mothers who prefer the reverse but cannot for economic reasons.”

Rica Peralejo with her son Manu. Image: Instagram / @ ricaperalejo

“BUT… if you have the privilege of working from home or not working at all, why don’t you embrace the WINDOW of opportunity?” Especially when this window closes after a while? “

Mother-child bonds are also a good opportunity to teach faith to her child, Peralejo says.

“As Christians too, I want to encourage you to say that this is your most important ‘little group’,” she said. “In fact, if you are a mother and teach your child the ways of God, you are in fact an active leader and disciple. ” JB


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