This small-town Kansas festival is unlike any other

There are many great annual festivals in Kansas. One of our favorites is a small-town celebration centered around the world’s largest ball of string. Surprisingly, this is a hotly contested title, with several balls of twine across the country claiming to be the biggest in various categories. The one in Cawker City is officially the largest ball of string built by a community. Every summer, the ball gets even bigger when Twine-O-Thon rolls. This annual picnic and celebration is one of Cawker City’s biggest events. The 2022 event begins on Friday, August 19, and the festivities last over the weekend. Check it out:

The 2022 event will begin on August 19. You can find out more about the Cawker City Community Club Facebook Page.

Address: World’s Largest Ball of Twine, 719 Wisconsin St, Cawker City, KS 67430, USA

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