Tucker Carlson: Democracy is a small group of billionaires who decide who is allowed to speak and who is silent | Video


FOX News’s Tucker Carlson on Patagonia dropping a Jackson Hole, Wy. resort because they hosted reps Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and others.

CARLSON: There are a lot of fakes in this country, but is there a society in America more fake than Patagonia? It’s a marketing company masquerading as a mountaineering expedition to sell shoddy plastic clothing to association executives who rarely go out.

Patagonia’s promotional material describes its full commitment to tackling climate change, but somehow they forget to mention that its entire product line is made from fossil fuels. Patagonia is the kind of place that will give you a talk on fair trade and corporate responsibility even as it outsources its own manufacturing to filthy sweatshops in the poorest countries of the world.

Enjoy your $ 300.00 Casual Hoodie, Mr. Sierra Club Fundraiser. A child from Sri Lanka got 20 cents to do it. Patagonia is perhaps the most daring scam of any American business and that means something.

So, it probably shouldn’t surprise you that Patagonia has now decided that it should control US politics.

Earlier this month, a group of Republican officials, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Congressmen Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, traveled to Jackson, Wyoming, to a private fundraiser.

In itself, this was not unusual. Raising money in resort towns is what politicians do in August.

Unfortunately, the group forgot to ask Patagonia first. When Patagonia executives discovered that Republicans had traveled to Wyoming without their permission, they created a crisis. They announced a boycott of the entire Jackson Hole ski resort. Their reasoning? Their business, they explained in a press release backing the quote, “A strong democracy.” Sure. A strong democracy.

Democracy is a system in which a small group of smug billionaires who have inherited the money decide who is allowed to speak in public and who better be silent or be punished. Now we used to call this system the oligarchy, but the term sounded unpleasantly bossy, so Patagonia’s marketing geniuses renamed it. It is now called democracy.

It’s kind of like taking oil-based spun polyester fiber and calling it sheep wool, which comes from sheep and hoping no one notices. In fact, come to think of it, Patagonia did too.

The southern border is wide open tonight. The rest of the world is pouring in by the millions. Authorities now fear that it could be used by terrorists, and of course it will be.

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