What are tk domains? The small group of islands that dominates the internet

The world of web domains can be a complicated subject and can often be a huge expense for entrepreneurs just starting out. For this inconvenience, a company located in an archipelago of Oceania offers domains with free and paid modality. Here we tell you all about them and the reviews that have been made.

What are tk domains?

.tk is New Zealand’s archipelago of Tokelau’s own top-level domain (TLD). These are registered and regulated by the free business. In order to exploit these domains, they are managed in two ways. In the first modality, the company gives you the domain for free as long as the owner agrees to include advertising on their website. The domain is non-transferable and does not allow registration for more than one year, nor less than three months. The second method is payment, which allows the transfer of the domain and registrations older than one year are allowed.

Due to the convenience these domains seemed to be an advantage for small and medium businesses, so they were no longer exclusive to Tokelau and are used by people all over the world.

Image: Dot.tk

What is Tokelau?

You’ve probably never heard of Tokelau, that’s because it’s not an unorthodox tourist destination. It is an archipelago located in Oceania, it consists of three atolls called Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo and about 125 islets that cover an area of ​​12 km². This place has no places of historical interest. On top of that, it doesn’t even have its own airport. Its nature consists mainly of lonely beaches, pristine nature and low human footprint. To reach this isolated archipelago, you have to take a boat that leaves Samoa twice a month.

The first settlers of this archipelago were sailors of Polynesian origin from neighboring islands. The islands became a British protectorate in 1889. Finally, in 1916, they became part of the British colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, later they will be administered by New Zealand from 1925. Today, their administration continues to depend on New Zealand.

Flag of Tokelau blowing in the wind in front of the sun / Image: Depositphotos.com

.Tk domains, the origin of multiple cybercrimes

Although the idea of ​​getting a free domain sounds tempting, all that glitters isn’t gold. Well, with the business model of agreeing to include advertising on your domain, many hackers have used it to spread malware, i.e. malicious software that aims to damage your computer and even to steal personal data.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWC) said .tk domains account for the second highest number of malicious records, behind only .com.

Another APWC survey indicates that 80% of domains dedicated to personal data theft in Tokelau are directed to financial institutions in China.

Now that you know the benefits and risks of creating one of these domains, would you register one?

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